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» Our integrated curriculum uses the Multiple Intelligence approach to nurture and develop your child's intelligences.
» Music and dance is an integral part of the classroom activities and children are given exposure to various forms of painting, art and craft, story-telling are also form a part of the daily routine of the child.
» Outdoor activities and celebrating festivals with special attraction
Programs Offered

Program nameAge groupRatio (child:staff)
Infant Care 3 to 18 months 3:1
Toddler Care 3 to 18 months 3:1
Pre nursery and after school 3 to 18 months 3:1

» We provide full day, half day or the odd casual days program.
» We are open throughout the year, including school holidays.
» Providing toys according to age group.
» Cots and rings (for infants)
» Daily file will be maintained by staff for kids health.
» Provide ongoing assessments of a child's learning and development and communicate the child's progress to the family.
» Creating good eating habits early is crucial to the lifelong health of a child. We provide a balance and nutritious diet to our precious kids.
» Breakfast (10:00 AM)
» Lunch (12:30 PM )
» Milk Time (3:00 PM)
» Snack Time (3:30 PM)
» Dinner Time (5:50 PM)